Welcome to the CS experience WikiEdit

This is a place for the Couchsurfing community to help each other out. We know how sometimes language can be a big barrier, especially when it comes to the local slang. We want everyone to help create a dictionary for local slang. Go ahead and publish your definitions! 

Current CountriesEdit

This is the list with the countries we have registered:


It's only gonna be on english?

  • By the moment, yes. We would love to expand our comunity but currently we are really afew people and we need to focus or energies.

How does this site work?

  • We are currently a small group of people from Colombia. As this is a Wiki everybody is up to create more content or correct the one that they consider wrong; we bealive the CS comunity will help us grow as fast as posible.

Can I be a administrator?

  • Show that you contribute, that you follow the rulers and  we may consider you as one.

How I'm supose to contribute?

  • First search for your contry, your region and you city. If some of those are not created you are supose to create it and add the information you know. 

What about if there is an exprecion I consider to be extended to a region or the hole contry?

  • In that case the layout is simple, you start by leaving the regions of the contry or the cities of the region and in another section named after the categories you believe are the best to describe your contribution, if you feel your contribution may fall into some of the old sections already created try to use it.

your question is not listed?

  • You can contact us by email at or at our tumblr. twitter, facebook or instagram.